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Pre-Master's Program (PMP)

Carolina Education has collaborated with the Global Education Institute (GEl), based in North Carolina, USA, to prepare international students who are interested in enrolling in master's programs at colleges and universities in the United States through rigorous coursework. GEl offers a transition period for students to become acclimated to the United States and improve their English, as well as opportunities to research, visit, and choose the best college for them. Carolina Education and GEl work together to improve the chances of students from Pakistan and Turkey to get acceptance into prestigious universities in the United States.

PMP curriculum includes:

Our partner universities will offer one or two courses taught by their faculty.


MS in Computer Science

MS in Computer Engineering

MS in Cybersecurity Engineering

MS in Software Engineering

MS in Datacenter Systems Engineering

MS in Telecommunications and Network Engineering

MS in Electrical Engineering

MS in Mechanical Engineering


To apply for admissions, students should provide the following materials:

  • Resume
  • University Transcript
  • One recommendation letter
  • Written personal statement
  • Copy of passport photo page

Application Deadline 15th March 2022


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